Preparation for Hajj

on 07 May

Here are some points that maybe beneficial for any Hujjaj to learn about before going. They share some degree of significance to Islam and it’s always important to know the virtues and stories before going.

Provided by Arif Uddin



-       The welcoming people of Madina (can go on about it for hours, mashaAllah) – the people don’t know you, your name, who you are, your language, yet they signal you to sit down with them to eat and share food with them in the courtyard of the prophet’s mosque

-       The barakah of Madina – stories from the seerah (our prophet prayed for Madina to be loved as much as, if not more than Makkah, after the companions and the prophet made hijrah). To find out if this prayer got answered – all you have to do is ask anyone where would you prefer to visit, Madina usually tops the list, subhanAllah

-       The change of Qiblah during the early stages of Madina

-       The virtues of Mount Uhud and the sahabas that were martyred who are buried nearby

-       The battle of Uhud and the significance of the archers who didn’t listen to the prophet (lessons to learn from that)

-       Jannatul baaqi and how our prophet said he will intercede for anyone who is buried in that graveyard on the day of judgement

-       The story of the welcoming Ansaars and Saad ibn Muad (who was only muslim for approx. 7 years until his death), but his deeds were soo beloved to Allah, that it made the arsh (throne) of Allah shake, subhanAllah

-       The story of Salman al Farsi



-       The story of Ibrahim a.s. and the Ka’ba

-       The significance of mount safaa and marwa

-       The story of Al-Laath and Al-Uzzah 

-       The destruction and rebuilding of the Ka’ba before the prophet’s birth, as though to signal the start of something new

-       The hunafaa’s who left Makkah before the prophet because they didn’t accept idol worshipping to be the correct religion 

-       The birth of the prophet and the early stages of revelation (subhanAllah always breathtaking)

-       The stages of dawat and significance of Waraqa ibn Nufail

-       Early acceptors to Islam and how dawa was only limited to some people and not open form of dawa

-       The boycott and the hardship endured during this phase is a lesson to us all

-       The loss of Khadija and Abu Talib

-       Incident of Taif

-       The hijrah to Madina – which loops back to the top (Madina)


Arafat, Muzdalifah, Jamarat & Mina:

-       The significance of these places – story of Adam a.s., prophet’s final sermon

-       The dawat stages and treaty in Mina that helped the prophet make hijrah to Madina

-       The stoning in Jamarat


I hope that gives some pointers towards material and topics to research and maybe reflect on before their journey Inshah'Allah.

Please remember Brother Arif, the muslim Ummah and all those involved in this website in your duas.

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