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Bismillahir Rahman ar Raheem

Our vision is to enrich the Hajj and Umrah industry in the UK by providing a shared platform to connect operators and customers together to increase transparency, improving quality and provide a level playing field for all operators.

We ensure that all packages that are approved for publishing meet guidelines. Each package is manually reviewed by the site editors before it is published to the site to ensure that the package contains correct and accurate information (at time of publishing).


This site was created following on from personal experiences encountered during the summer of 2009 when we went for Umrah.  We came back with the intention of performing our Hajj at the next possible opportunity.

However, the rise in reports of unscrupulous operators, inflated prices for similar packages and generally difficulty of comparing packages lead us to contemplate the opportunity to develop a single portal containing all the packages currently on the market.

This would help save us time on visiting numerous websites, speaking to and visiting several agencies and attending various Hajj/Umrah exhibitions. We found it extremely difficult to do the above given the time it requires in addition performing our professional responsibilities at work.

We came to the conclusion that developing a Hajj and Umrah package portal would make life easier for brothers and sisters like us who are looking for Hajj and Umrah packages. A way for them to find packages from the comfort of their PCs/Mobiles/Tablets at times that suit them whether at home or at work during lunch breaks.

We hope that this site will increase quality, transparency and competition in the industry with a view to controlling the spiralling costs.

We hope you all find this site useful and beneficial, Inshah'Allah. Should you have any suggestions, then please email us at suggestions@myhajjpackage.co.uk. We are always looking to improve the site and welcome any feedback.


If you do happen to go to Hajj/Umrah, then all we ask is that you remember the founders and those involved in its creation/maintenance in your dua's.


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have made this all happen.

All praise is due to Allah to most merciful the most compassionate.

Harun'ur Rashid (Architect and Development Lead)
Mohammed Abir (Senior Developer)
Mehedi Islam (Designer from ThePlayStudio)
Naeem (Creative Lead)
Moosa Bhamjee (North London Muslim Housing Association)
Shuab Akhtar (Barclays Plc)
Anisur Rahman
Arif Uddin (S&P)
Mohammed Aftab (S&P)
Adil Mohammed (S&P Capital IQ)
Thanvir Choudry (Sodeen)
Kypros Kyprianou (Stone Lodge)

All the operators who have provided very useful feedback and encouragement.

And finally to Fatema Begum, who has shared this journey with me from the very start.

May Allah (swt) reward us all for our efforts.

Muhammad Abdul Gaffar


Features List

Here is a sample of the functionality provided to site visitors.

  • Clean usable site which has been designed to work on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices
  • Easy search facility to find packages quickly and easily
  • Facetted search to allow customers to find packages very specific to their needs
  • Make enquiry for packages in seconds
  • Easy registration and login
  • Able to send out quote requests to multiple agencies at the same time
  • Add packages to favourite list
  • View list of enquiries made on the  website
  • Compare up to 3 packages side by side at any one time
  • Recommend package to friends by email
  • Post packages on social networks
  • Receive email updates on latest offers and packages exclusive to Myhajjpackage

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